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Welcome to Nightbloom, a long forgotten shrine to the lunar goddess Tsukuyomi. The radiance of her celestial majesty shines down upon these halls, bathing those who follow her will in a blessed light. Yet her whims are fickle, her divine radiance knows both pleasure and torment. Those who dare to deny her brilliance will find their world eclipsed in a torrent of carnal bloodlust, doomed to experience the agony of her loving embrace.Normal Operating Hours
Sunday and Thursday
9pm-12am EST

All payment is due upfront. We reserve the right to deny services if deemed necessary for any reasonMonthly Rate - 500k• Staff Postcards: A weekly gift of appreciation to our VIPs!
• 1 free drink per night we’re open
• 30 minutes private dance with a dancer of your choice per night
• Pictures done by Aldreda Rose or N'zan Ametrine: 2 poses, 6 shots, SFW/NSFW, may have one other in the shots. These pictures are done once a month and do not roll over.
• Access to VIP Exclusive Menu
• Access to the Staff Voice Chat on Discord!
Daily Rate - 125k• Staff Postcards: A weekly gift of appreciation to our VIPs!
• 1 Free Drink
• 30 minutes private dance with a dancer of your choice
• Access to VIP Exclusive Menu

This menu is exclusively given to our VIP members. OOC, this menu will always incorporate current tier raid food into the menu. All food here is 20k each.

A simple and elegant beverage will entice your senses as you sip on this cocktail that resembles a stunning sunrise. Taste a delicious combination of bubbly crisp Champagne, sweet Peach Juice, and exotic Dragon Fruit Juice that will tickle across your tongue with every sip.

In game item: Peach Juice

To freeze, shred, steam and bake carrots into this smooth pudding requires both time and skill, but the mouthwatering results are well worth the effort.

Heaped with Garlean cheese and baked to perfection, this flatbread may well rival certain soups in its ability to move partakers to tears.

The flaky crust serves as a perfect complement to the thundermelon's sweet-yet-electrifying flesh.

Ribbons of thinly sliced sunset carrots dressed with vinegar make for a healthful and serenely wholesome dish.

A bright tomato salad lightly tossed in
perilla oil.

Paralyzingly delicious juice freshly squeezed from thundermelons.

All payment is due upfront. We reserve the right to deny services if deemed necessary for any reason. It should be noted that all services are considered to be SFW. We do not offer Erotic Roleplay services. What a patron and staff member choose to do upon having their services purchased is beyond the purview of this establishment.RP Services
-200k per hour (With consent from employee and guest)
-300k per hour for after hours (During not open times)(With consent from employee and guest)
Other ServicesDivination Readings: 200k per hour
Divination with Owner: 400k per hour
Bar Buyout: 1mil/hr
Body Shots: 50k per shot
Lap Dance: (SFW) 100k per half hour.
Mansion Rental: 3mil / 3hrs
Staff for Rental: 200/hr per staff
Private Room rental: 100k/hr (free with purchase of staff services)
Photography: Prices set by Photographers

OUR SAFETY PLEDGEWe here at Nightbloom desire that this place be safe for all our staff, partners, affiliates, and guests. Therefore, we make the following pledge to you:At anytime should you feel uncomfortable with anyone in this venue, you may bring a complaint against them to a member of management without fear of reprisal or retaliation. If you desire to remain anonymous, your request will be honored. Should you have a complaint against a staff member, you may direct your complaint to management or to the Owners/Co-owners of this establishment. We have four such persons to ensure that there is always zero conflict of interest. We encourage you to step forward and let us know what is going on so that we may investigate all issues to the fullest extent possible.We further pledge to have full resolution of the situation no later than 5 business days from the complaint being made. We do reserve the right not to inform you of our decision for what has been done against the person, but we will present to you a report of our findings.OUR RULES1. Treat everyone with respect. Absolutely no harassment, witch hunting, sexism, racism, or hate speech will be tolerated.2. If you see something against the rules or something that makes you feel unsafe, let the managers or admins know. We want this venue and our Discord server to be a welcoming space!3. Follow the Square Enix/FFXIV Terms of Service. A break of it results in a ban! Slandering/Libel of any kind is prohibited. This includes attempts to blackball someone in the community. Unless you have absolutely clear proof that someone in our venue is a clear and present danger to the community, keep your venue drama the hell away from here. We will absolutely break off any relationship with a venue who chooses to try and circumvent this rule.5. Excessive profanity, especially when directed at others is prohibited!6. Keep posts in their respective channels.7. No illegal activities, including but not limited to discussion of drugs!8. No doxxing or distributing of personal information.9. Do not harass anyone in-game or on the Discord server in Tells/DMs!10. Please avoid politics or religious discussions.11. Do not ping members unnecessarily.12. Read the pinned messages and channel's info in every channel if there are to not get in trouble later.13. Have fun!

Welcome to our events page! Find out the latest and greatest about Nightbloom here! We will be posting our DJs that will perform for us. There will also be information regarding any sort of events or collaborations we are doing. If you are a DJ working a set for us and don't see your name, contact our Co-Owner on discord at Nzan Ametrine#5389.

DecemberEvery Thursday with The A'leycat!
December 4th: with DJ XianaForever!
December 11th: with DJ Talis!
December 18th: TBA
Closed Christmas Weekend!

JanuaryEvery Thursday with The A'leycat!
Sundays TBA!

Check out the staff profiles below and find out who we are!We start out with our owners and managerial staff so that you all know who is charge and who to talk to if business is to be made.Our receptionists are our first beautiful faces you see when you enter our premises. They will handle our service transactions and booking appointments.Our dancers are plenty, yet each of them are very unique and fun to interact with. Don't be shy in talking to them, they don't bite.. unless you would like them to!The Nightbloom Bartenders are professionally tasked with serving food and drink to our patrons, along with being wonderful at conversing so that you'll never, ever feel lonely on our floor!The intimidating yet fashionable bouncers are always ready to take arms to protect you. Don't worry about if you can or cannot talk to them, they will always be happy to have some company

Race: Viera (Amaurotine)
Age (IC): Immortal
Gender: Female
Role: Owner
RP Friendly: Yes
PRP Friendly: Yes
PRP Length Preference: As long as it takes :3
Quote: "Tell me your adventures~"
Likes: Adventures, healing, meeting new people, grapes, annoying Emet-Selch~
Dislikes: Abusive people, rudeness, drama, egg plants
Kinks: ask me
Social Links:

Age: 27 IC
Gender: Male
Role: Co-Owner
PRP friendly: Get to know me, we'll see...
RP friendly: Yes, always!
PRP Preference: Female and feminine males. No Lala, Male Au Ra, Male Roe, Hrothgar
Preferred PRP length: As long as it takes ;3
Quote: "Patience is a virtue."
Activities: Raid Lead, Photography, FC Management, Healing and Protecting.
Kinks: Ask.
Available Off-hours: No.

Age: Eternal
Race: Duskwight Elezen
Gender: Female
Role: Co-Owner
RP Preference: Public
Quote: "They send a person who can never stay, who can never accept my offer of companionship for more than a little while. They send me a hero I can't help... just the sort of person I can't help falling in love with."

Age IC: 24
Gender: Female
Role: General Manager
PRP friendly: Not yet... wink
RP friendly: Not yet XD
Preference: No Lalas
Quote: "Loving yourself takes yoga."
Kinks: Nachos and blackberry mead
Hard No: Ask
Available Off-hours: Ask

Gender: Male
Age IC: Hundreds of years.. maybe more
Role: Guardian of Shrines.... Lead of Bouncers
PRP friendly: Yes
RP friendly: Hmm... Yes
Preferences: Yes
RP Preferred Length: Yes
Kinks: Yes
Hard No: <shrugs shoulders>
After hours: Yes
Link: <tilts head> What is a link?

Age: 29
Gender: Female
Role: Dancer Manager
PRP Friendly: Yes
RP Friendly: Yes
Preference: Male/All except Lalas.
Preferred PRP length: I can go as long as you can.
Quote: Never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups.
Kinks: That’s between you and me, just ask… I don’t bite… hard…
Hard No: See above.
Available Off-hours: Yes

Race: Un-Pureblooded Vampire
Age (IC): OLD (Immortal)
Gender: Male
Role: Bartender, Bar Manager
RP Friendly: Yes
PRP Friendly: Depends if you interested the vampire.
Likes: Blood, Bartending, Cute Females and Getting Patrons Drunk
Dislikes: The Pure and Holy, Bullies and Werewolves
Preferences: Favor, Female Viera, Miqo'tes and Auras.
Social Links:

Age: 108
Gender: Female
Role: Security and Receptionist
PRP friendly: No (Not yet.)
RP friendly: Yes
Preference: Male and Female
Preferred PRP length: N/A
Quote: "Mmmhhh...!"
Kinks: Skimpy Outfits
Hard No: Vore and Lolicon
Available Off-hours: Yes

Race: Midlander Hyur
Age (IC): 22
Role: Dancer
RP Friendly: Let's jam!
PRP Friendly: Let's not!
Likes: Adventure; Pizza; General sweetness.
Dislikes: Controlling people; Lies; Callousness.
Preferences: Spin me a tale as fine as you!

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Role: Receptionist, Hype Dancer and Security
PRP Friendly: No
RP friendly: Yes
Preference: Male and Female
Preferred PRP length: N/A
Quote: “I am not cute! I am wholesome get it right!”
Kinks: Wouldn't you like to know (Looking at you, Kaz...)
Hard No: N/A
Available Off-hours: No

Race: Viera (Ancient)
Age (IC): Immortal
Gender: Male
Role: Dancer and Diviner
RP Friendly: Yes
PRP Friendly: Yes
Likes: Divination, Magic, Pranks
Dislikes: Not sure yet!
Preferences: I'll try everything once! I'm also happy to do Tarot or Soul Readings for you!
Social Links:
Off-Hours Availability: Yes!

Race: Elezen (Ascian)
Age (IC): Immortal
Gender: Male
Role: Dancer and Diviner
RP Friendly: Yes
PRP Friendly: Yes
Likes: Divination, Magic
Dislikes: Being surrounded by Azems.
Preferences: I'll happily do a Soul or Tarot Reading for you.
Social Links:
Off-Hours Availability: Yes

Race: Miqo'te (Ascian)
Age (IC): 36
Gender: Male
Role: Dancer/Host/Divination
RP Friendly: Yes
PRP Friendly: Yes
Likes: Helping people, Ebony (Coffee), gathering information.
Dislikes: Sweets, being called cute.
Preferences: Will talk with just about anyone. For anything more private, men and nonbinary folk only, no Lalafel.
Social Links:
Off-Hours Availability: Ask.

Race: Viera (Rava)
Age (IC): 50 (looks 24)
Gender: Female
Role: Dancer
RP Friendly: Yes
PRP Friendly: Yes
Likes: Adventure, Dancing, Hanging out with friends
Dislikes: Humiliation, Rudeness
Preferred PRP length: Go with the flow
Available Off-Hours: Ask
Preferences: Any, No Lala's, Roes, Hroth
Kinks: Ask

Age IC: 70
Gender: Male
Role: Dancer and Diviner (Runes)
PRP friendly: Absolutely!
RP friendly: Of course!
Preference: Anything for reg. rp! | PRP: No Lalas / No Female
Quote: "Lipstick chateau wine빛 color (la la la la)
하얀 champagne 버블에 shower (la la la la)"
Kinks: ;"3 Ask
Hard No: Bathroom Stuff
Preferred PRP length: N/A
Available Off-hours: Ask!

Age: 27 (Appearance)
Gender: Female
Role: ♫♪ Dancer ♬♪
PRP friendly: Depends on how well you play your cards.
RP friendly: Of course!
Preference: Male Au’ra / Viera are a weakness however, there’s enough affection to go around.
Preferred ERP length: More than two sentences would be lovely! I can honestly go as long as required.
Quote: “Come here sweet, why don’t you dance a little closer..?”
Kinks: “Just try me.. A little curiosity won’t hurt you–at least not much.<3”
Hard No: Errotic rps with Lalafell or Hrothgar, (we can always hang out though.) NO Scat, Urine, puke or body waste of any kind.
Available Off-hours: Ask and perhaps we can make something work.
Enjoys: Hosting tea parties, offering ceremonial dances to deities, divination readings, painting, reading books, baking.

Race: Elezen
Age (IC): 22
Gender: Female
Role: Bartender and Dancer
RP Friendly: That's a go!!
PRP Friendly: Depends
Preferred PRP length: I'll just match you.
Likes: Eating, drinking, the rain, and keeping others from just flat out dying.
Dislikes: Rudeness, angry or gloomy people, and massive groups of people.
Preferences: Females especially tall girls. Highlanders, Elezen, and Roegadyn please.
Off-Hours Availability: Yes

Age: 28
Gender: Female
Role: Dancer
RP friendly: I do my best.
PRP friendly: Yes
Preferred PRP length: Small to medium paragraphs, 2-3 hour interactions
Preference: Tall Races - No Hroth or Lala
Orientation: Bisexual Submissive
Hard No: No animals, no babies, no bathroom body functions, no breaking skin
Quote: "Having a dirty mind makes ordinary conversations MUCH more interesting."
Available Off-hours: Yes. DM for more info.

Race: Viera
Age (IC): 50+
Gender: Male
Role: Bartender
RP Friendly: Absolutely
PRP Friendly: Absolutely, with the exception of Lalafel (sorry guys, I know you get that a lot)
Likes: Chit chat, music with lots of bass, teasing co-workers
Dislikes: Feuding, the drama, carrot jokes
Preferences: None to speak of! Welcome all! <3
Off-Hours Availability: Generally speaking I'm available any time I'm awake with the exceptions of Tues, Thurs, and Sat evenings.

Age: 36
Gender: Male
Role: Security
PRP friendly: Yes
RP friendly: Yes
Preference: Female No lalas
Quote: Poot?! Oh, no! I went 'Poot' and I didn't teleport! Where's the Bamf?
Kinks: Please Ask
Hard No: The usual please ask for more.
Available Off-hours: Yes Please DM me first.

Age IC: 22
Gender: Female
Role: Dancer and Diviner
PRP friendly: Sorry but no
RP friendly: 100% yes
Preferences: Aura, Hume,Elezen, Viera, men mostly but love to chat with girls as friends
RP Preferred Length: Sentences or Short paragraphs, Can do long ones as well
Off Hours: A bit to busy, so no
Likes: Being with friends, Having fun, good music, adventures, tarot card reading, fun, new things, sweets, cooking, and more if you like to know

Gender: Male
Age IC: 25
Role: Dancer and Diviner
PRP friendly: Oh yes I am
RP friendly: Yes
Preferences: All the ladies... except Lalafelles
RP Preferred Length: Sentences, Short paragraphs, or long detailed posts
Kinks: Top, pleasure, passion, caring dominance
Hard No: Whips or Chains on me is a hard past. Bathroom stuff no as well.
After hours: Sadly no I wouldn't be able to

Age IC: 22
Gender: Female
Role: Dancer
PRP friendly: Yes
RP friendly: Yes
Preferences: No lalas, prefer men.
RP Preferred Length: Any~
Off Hours: Varies
Likes: Being with friends, plushies, astronomy, headpats, and snuggles!

Gender: Male
Age IC: [Redacted]
Role: Bouncer
PRP friendly: Sure
RP friendly: Sure
Preferences: Bisexual
RP Preferred Length: Varies
Likes: Eating, Capybaras, Cats.
Dislikes: Rain, Magitek, Samurai.
After hours: No.

Age: 23
Gender: Female
Role: Dancer
PRP friendly: Do you dare?~
RP friendly: Absolutely
Preference: Everyone
Preferred PRP length: Flexible
Quote: "Do you want to know why they call me 'Heaven'?"
Kinks: Wouldn't you like to know, weather boy.
Hard no: Guess you'll have to find out
Available Off-hours: Ask

Age: 25
Gender: Male
Role: Dancer/Bouncer
PRP friendly: Yes
RP friendly: Yes
Preference: Female
Preferred PRP length: We can go for hours
Quote: "Jus see where t'night takes us.. I'm sure we can find jus wot y'need."
Kinks: Switch, BDSM, Rope play, Find out more or Check F - list
Hard no: Bloodplay,Toiletplay, Severe injury or the really disgusting stuff
Available Off-hours: Ask- likely not, but enough gil


Age: 25
Gender: Male
Role: Front desk
PRP friendly: Of course!
RP friendly: Anytime!
PRP Preference: Male, not lala
Preferred PRP length: at lease 1 hour
Quote: "誰も知らない,それでも私わ,絶対に忘れない,これわ誰も知らない,私たちの記録"
Activities: Raid, main healer. If not then rp.
Kinks: Anything is ok! specially like to do rough, wild rp, bdsm, hardcore
Hard No: Not too much blood and scat
Available Off-hours: Yes, but need to ask first

Age IC: 27
Role: Dancer
PRP friendly: Yes
RP friendly: 100%
Preferences: Bisexual
RP Preferred Length: Varies
Kinks: Down for almost anything
Hard No: Bathroom play, heavy gore and vore
After hours: Depends, just ask.

Age (IC): 21
Gender: Female
Role: Dancer
PRP: Can you even keep up with me?
RP: Always welcome
Pref: Sticks and Stones may break my bones, but neither will kill me. (I like men and women)
By the twelve, do NOT: Lala nsfw, Bestiality, Vore, Gore
Can I message you off work?: Well of course silly
Can I add you as friend?: If there is space, I will ALWAYS accept
<3 Quote: L'homme est condamné à être libre <3

Race: Au’ra
Age: 27
Gender: Female
Role: Bartender
RP Friendly: Yes
PRP Friendly: No
Likes: Espresso drinks, talking to people, laughing, & making friends! Spicy foods and flirting with boys.
Preferences: I adore everyone! I am a good girl who loves to make friends!
Off-Hours Availability: Sometimes!

Race: Voidkin (Au'Ra)
Age (IC): Immortal
Role: Bouncer/Prankster
Rp Personality: Tsundere
RP Style: Can be adjusted to Partner's.
Rp: Yep...
Prp: If you dare....Go for it.
Likes: Fish (Alive), Elemental Crystal's, Coffee.
Dislikes: Disrespect, Dishonor, Unjustified Lying, Sweet food's.
Preferences: No Lala's, Female Preferred but Males can test me.
Available Off-hours: Yep.... DM me and ask.
Social Links:

Race: Miqo'te
Age (IC): 23
Role: Bouncer/Dancer
Rp Personality: Advocate
RP Style: Adjustable
Rp: Yep!
Prp: Yes Please!

Likes: Casual Conversations, Talking/RP'ing, Coffee.
Dislikes: Disrespect, Dishonesty, Fake Faces.
Preferences: No Lala's.
Available Off-hours: No unfortunately 3:
Social Links: